What is Breast Augmentation

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Breast augmentation in Dubai, is a term used to describe a type of cosmetic enhancement that can help women augment the size and alter the shape of their chest. In most cases, breast augmentation refers to breast implant procedures, but it can also refer to combination surgeries, such as a breast implant and lift. It is also possible to perform a breast augmentation without placing an implant, as some patients opt to use harvested fat from other areas of their body instead.

In any case, breast augmentation surgery in Dubai should always be performed by an experienced cosmetic surgery who has verifiable experience and accreditation in the field of breast enhancement or body contouring. Schedule a consultation with a highly praised facility and feel free to ask questions about their surgeons on staff! Finding the right team that understands your unique needs and is willing to work closely with you to help deliver a customised approach can make all the difference between good and great results.

At Bizrahmed, we offer before and after pictures of previous breast augmentation patients to help give an idea of the potential outcome and our overall success rate.